Research Confrences



Djerassi-Elias Institute of Oncology

Maurice and Gabriela Goldschleger Eye Research Institute

Institute for Occupational Health (with the Health Fund of the General Federation of Labor)

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Yechiel and Helen Lieber Chair for cancer Research Prof. Nadir Arbe

Lea and Arieh Pickel Chair for Pediatric Research Prof. Shai Ashkenazi

Ing. Germanis and Dr. Kaufman Chair in Gastroenterology Prof. Simon Bar-Meir

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Research is multidisciplinary, as basic scientists and clinicians combine efforts to produce synergy. Research is conducted in the laboratories on the TAU campus, and in the clinical facilities affiliated to the Faculty in 16 hospitals and 17 research institutes. This network of preclinical and clinical teams helps realize the ultimate goals of that research: the basic understanding of human pathophysiology and the improvement of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease.

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Felsenstein Medical Research Center

Julius Friedrich Cohnheim-Minerva Center for Cellular and Molecular Phagocyte Research

Minerva Center for Cholesterol Gallstones and Lipid Metabolism in Liver

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