Friends of Sackler School of Medicine

Our Mission

 It takes thirteen years to train a doctor, seven of which (including a year of internship) take place in the medical school while another five or six are spent in a residency program of the physician's choice. Medical training is the longest of all academic professions. Naturally, this fact, combined with the rise in population, requires long-term planning by the state, tremendous investment of educational resources and the ability to predict and prepare for changes in the world of medicine which, by their very nature, can happen rapidly. These considerations help us direct the students’ studies, training and number as needed.

Why do we need your help?

The School is located in a 40 year-old building that has not undergone any changes since its construction. In order to continue furthering the school’s objectives and preserve the excellence and reputation of the School of Medicine the building is in critical and dire need of complete renovation and acquisition of up to date research, laboratory and teaching equipment and technologies, such as innovative audio

 -visual means that are essential for teaching, and enable optimal conditions for teaching and research.. Only thus will we be able to upkeep the high caliber of the institution’s courses and accomplishments, and be ready to face the challenges of the future.

The Friends of the Sackler School of Medicine organization is being mobilized to assist the dean, Prof. Yossi Mekori, who has outlined the school’s vision, its objectives for the future and the need to adapt the faculty’s building to the 21st century and the needs of the students. Working together we can help the School of Medicine, and thus the state of Israel and all of its residents.

Please view our current leading projects:

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Sackler Building Renovation


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